We believe in integrating sustainability in all aspects of our business by continually seeking solutions to leaving a smaller footprint and improving the lives of communities across the globe. To achieve this, we are committed to setting high levels of environmental and social standards in all that we do.

Our company values of today are rooted in our leaders who set up the company 60 years ago.

We have always believed that doing what’s right for people and communities is at the core of having a successful business.

We believe that sustainability should be integrated into all aspects of our business. It is a continuous process, and we learn every day and are committed to achieving the highest levels of social and environmental standards in our business.


We are focused on making a meaningful impact across 3 areas: Creating Product, Protecting the Planet, Supporting our People.


Our culture and work-
places are a reflection of
our values.


We are taking steps across all aspects of our business to mitigate our environmental footprint.


Our commitment is to create lasting, high-quality garments.